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There hasn’t been a better time to make music than today. What are you passionate about? What’s stopping you from taking your dreams a step further?

I created Elisha Record Studio so I can help you, whether you recorded all by yourself or in another studio, you won’t believe the difference between raw audio tracks and professionally produced, mixed and mastered tracks.

If you work with us you are going to have someone dedicated to your music every step of the way.

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Orlando D. Alvarez

Music Producer / Percussionist / Educator

Founder of Elisha Record Studio. Graduated from a Music Conservatory in Cuba as a Professional Drummer & Percussionist. Over 10 years of experience as a mixer working on genres such as Afro-Cuban, Latin, Hip Hop, Trap, Reggaeton, EDM, Pop, Gospel, Orchestral Cinematic, and more. He helps and teaches other artists and producers on his YouTube how to get radio-ready songs in their own home studios.

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