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It’s never been more exciting to make music. Think of what music means to you. What do you want people to feel when they hear your work? What’s stopping you from taking your dreams a step further?

Creating music can be a very challenging endeavor. You have to overcome many obstacles as you work toward your goal of having your dream come to fruition. The best way to deal with these challenges is to take them one step at a time, working slowly and deliberately toward your ultimate destination.

I created Elisha Record Studio because it’s the only way I can help you make music dreams come true. From recording all by yourself or in another studio, you won’t believe the difference between raw audio tracks and professionally produced, mixed, and mastered tracks that will drum up interest among discerning ears.

Even if you don’t work with us directly here at Elisha Record Studio, we want to help every musician find their calling. No matter what genre stage of sound mixing or mastering that they’re currently in, or how much experience they have! So go on – get loud!

Meet Your Producer

Orlando D. Alvarez

Music Producer / Percussionist / Educator

Founder of Elisha Record Studio, a classically trained drummer and percussionist. Over twelve years of experience mixing recordings in genres such as afro-cuban, latin, hip hop, trap, reggaeton, electronic dance music, pop, gospel, and orchestral cinematic. He helps artists and producers make radio-ready songs at their own home studios via tutorials on YouTube.

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