Orlando D. Alvarez

Born in Holguin, Cuba; started studying music at the age of 8 at the “Escuela Vocacional de Arte” and later on at the “Jose M. Ochoa Music Conservatory” where he graduated as a Professional Percussionist and Teacher of both Classical Percussion and Afro-Cuban Percussion.

He studied with Master Conguero Francisco “Lele” Sanchez Avila the insides of Afro-Cuban percussion roots and instruments. He also played at the Orquesta Sinfonica de Holguin (Holguin Symphony Orchestra) accompanying many internationally recognized Cuban artists such as Frank Fernandez, Compay Segundo, and Augusto Enriquez just to mention a few.

He moved to Portland in 2013 and has played with several bands including Dina y Los Rumberos, Pyatā and the Rhythm, The Portland Wind Symphony and Isabel and Friends.

It’s repertoire as a musician has been influenced by sounds from all over the world including Afro-Cuban, Latin American, and Brazilian genres as well as Jazz, Gospel, and Hip-Hop. He’s a Christian Cuban HipHop artist, uses rap as a tool to speak about social issues, and to give advice to the youth by promoting peace, respect, and unity among all human beings by sharing the good news of the gospel with those in need of a better way.

He is a Music Producer and owner of Elisha Record Studio, where he offers Music Production, Recording, Mixing and Mastering services for independent artists like himself. His passion for music lead him to become a YouTube Educator and teaches about Music Production and other audio related topics.

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