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The recording process is the critical foundation of a good song. Without a good capture of the essential components and parts of your music, you won’t have an outstanding final product to sell.

Our services are focused mainly on vocals. Vocals are the main component on your mix and the most important part of your song. We pay extra care and attention to them so you can shine brighter than a diamond.

Pick from over a dozen emulations of the most coveted microphones in the world! Most importantly, be on the driver’s seat so you can choose the sound that best complements your vocals and instruments.

Above and Beyond

A good recording is more than just stepping into the studio and sing or play your instrument. This is the time to perform above expectations, is the time to get to know yourself a little bit better. This the time to collaborate with the right people. Our goal is to see you triumph, we can give you the push that you need to go above and beyond.

We are here to add value to you as an independent artist. Our goal is creating memories, and leave a mark for future generations. An outstanding record is going to endure the passing of time.

This is your legacy

Let’s make it epic

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