Music Production, Mixing and Mastering
for the Independent Artist


There hasn't been a better time to make music than today. What are you passionate about? Maybe is the fact that like me, you love music so much that you can't live without it. What's stoping you from taking your dreams a step further? I created Elisha Record Studio so I can help you, whether you recorded by yourself or in another studio, you won't believe the difference between raw track and mixed tracks. If you work with me you're going to have someone dedicated to your music every step of the way.

Let's make awesome music together!

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Balance, stereo panning, EQ, compression, and tastefull FX. Give your tracks the privilige of clarity, power and musicality they deserve.


As a musician/producer I can help you either as an advisor or to add something extra to your mix. I've experience producing Hip Hop, Reggaeton, EDM, Latin, and many more.


Give your mixes that radio-ready polished sound we all love when we turn on the radio. All songs are level-matched with those commercially produced.

I got 99 Problemsbut musicality 'aint one


By the blue Sea - Napirah

Is Everything Okay? - Baircave
Remix feat Dashel Ruiz (gtrs)

Run the Night - Gigi Rowe - Remix

Pain - Splitbreed - Remix

Lagrimas de Amor - Adry & Lachy

Que Hago Yo - Loui & Yeriko

Noche de Pasion - Loui & AG


Orlando did such a great job recording our new theme song for a video ad. He did an amazing job on mixing and mastering few songs. The initiative and creative direction he takes is great, adding percussion and a whole different point of view, while keeping what you want in mind. He communicates quickly and clearly. His knowledge of music clearly give him an edge. Can't ask for much more! I'll be a return customer. His work sounds fantastic!! Elisha Records made everything sound smooth yet retained the dynamics and feel of the tracks. Really affordable rate. Highly Recommend!!!!

Eduardo Norell

Graphic Designer

He tenido, puedo decir, el privilegio de trabajar con Elisha Records, que gran profesionalidad y calidad en su trabajo, te superan la expectativas de tu proyecto musical. Capaces de trabajar con artistas de cualquier nivel, humildad y sencillez les sobra.

I've had the pleasure and privilege to work with Elisha Records, great quality and professional work, exceeded all the expectations on my musical project. Able to work with artists of any level, abundant humility and simplicity.

Gio Rodriguez Singer, Songwriter

It's been a pleasure to work with such a talented musician. Very professional, fast, and awesome doing his job. I'm so happy with the result that I can't thank you enough. Definetly, I will highly recommend you Elisha Record.

Henry Gonzalez
Double Bassist

Awesome time with Orlando. Great guy with a lot of experience in the field. Highly recommended to anyone.

Marlon Diaz
Trumpet player

I'd love to work with you

Team Member

Orlando D. Alvarez

Audio Engineer, Music Producer,
and Professional Percussionist


Does the price difference reflect on the quality?

No! The price is only different because of the track count.

What is a Track?

Each song consists of many tracks: you have the kick, snare, bass, guitar, vocal, beat, etc. Each one of those is a track.

What format do you need?

I can accept Cubase or Nuendo sessions, but for all other DAWs the tracks must be exported as raw audio (no plugins) in the WAV format (preferably 24bit 44.1Khz). If you send a Cubase or Nuendo session make sure to include the audio files folder.

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